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Monday 30 May 2022

VIDEO: Selina Tested Episode 25 (Download Original Movie)

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Selina Tested – Apocalypse 2 ( Episode 25 ) - Videos

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The ghetto is getting hot and Sibi is not resting as he put more fire as he chase his enemies.

The journey begins? Diabolic powers has been born from a little misunderstanding from the street boys.


Jonathan’s Consensus Candidacy And Tinubu’s Popularity Tops APC Agenda

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I come in peace; this is an essential phrase for this message because I do not want to ruffle any feathers as the All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential primaries approach. I've recently emphasized the need for the APC to exercise caution ahead of its presidential primaries.

When I keep harping on Jonathan's presidential bid under the APC, it's because there's a need to be mindful of the political implications.

Here are four reasons why we cannot separate GEJ from the APC flag.

One: The fact that Jonathan picked the presidential form, whether by proxy or otherwise, does not change the fact that it was acquired in his name.

Two: GEJ submitted his presidential nomination form, implying that he is running for president.

Three: A court has stated unequivocally that GEJ is eligible to contest. Every legal hurdle "overcome".

Four: Bayelsa APC has confirmed that Jonathan is a member of the party since way back.

The APC is expected to begin screening tomorrow and has released a list of 23 presidential aspirants, but Jonathan's name is missing.

As I stated previously, Jonathan would be screened and cleared in absentia. So his absence from the list may not be the end of the story, as the strategy to draft GEJ into the presidential contest is still in full swing.

Now that the APC has awarded executive powers to the party's National Working Committee, critical decisions about the presidential election can be made and implemented. So the cabal pushing for Jonathan's presidency has a slew of jokers up its sleeve.

Recall that I also indicated that Gej's presidential bid would be handled in the same way that Obasanjo's third term bid was handled; we all know it was close to the end, but with no evidence to indict Obasanjo, it ended up as a conspiracy theory meanwhile it was defeated. The FAMOUS THIRD TERM AGENDA died as a result of Atiku's presidential ambition.

I have emphasized numerous times that the conflict is between the President, the Cabal, and Tinubu. The erstwhile Lagos State's entry into the contest has made it incredibly difficult for the cabal to change the goalposts now that the game has begun.

You have to make judgments ahead of time before the whistle is blown, and it's even more difficult when one of the contestants is a referee, a coach, and a club administrator all rolled into one.

If there is a cabal, why is Tinubu not a member of it? Tinubu has developed his political desire from the opposition for the past 30 years, and judging by what happened at the PDP convention, you may agree with me that so many things are happening all in an attempt to derail Tinubu's presidential goal.

The only argument anyone can provide is that Tinubu is too powerful, and if that is the case, Tinubu should be allowed to rule. The fact that Buhari was marketed as Mr Integrity, a no-nonsense General who would not bow to anyone, was a key reason we voted for him in 2015. So, what makes Tinubu's case unique?

Stop telling me that someone who refuses to listen to a faceless cabal is at a disadvantage. What do Nigerians require? A Godfather Cabal threatening our president? Let us utilize our heads and think clearly. What do we want ? A puppet or a President? 

Atiku won the PDP presidential election because he was a large fish in the ocean, "Eja nla". If Tinubu had not entered the race, he would most likely have been kept out of the plot, but in this scenario, the cabal would battle against the cabal.

GEJ is the only contender with the clout to put an end to Tinubu's popularity test; unless an agreement is reached on Gej as the preferred candidate, nothing further can be done.

If there were a primary, Nigerians would be marveled to see APC delegates flaunt voting for Tinubu on election day. Elections are all about winning. You must have an impact on your constituency, giving the people something to look up to.

Why would so many political gladiators jeopardize their political futures because of Buhari's impending retirement in a year? Or a faceless cabal that will not help them advance in politics?

Have you forgotten that the Congress has already taken place? Who would allow a conspiracy to erode their power? Is the APC presidential election a TROPHY that will be displayed? The goal is to become president and amass power.

Tinubu has the resources, the manpower and the strategy to win the APC presidential nomination either way it goes. 

Let us consider Jonathan's presidency under the APC to be an expensive shit. If it passes, the party should go to  lengths to deal with the considerableExpensive Shit, as the smell would be quite expensive.

My name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah , Chairman/CEO of Bush Radio Academy.

2023: APC Governors Gang Up Against Jonathan

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•How initial plot to co-opt ex-President hit brick wall

•Why cabals want Jonathan back as President — Olu Falae

•Southern candidate no longer feasible in APC —Kalu

•Osinbajo, Fayemi’s supporters talk tough

•Changes in date suspicious —Tinubu group

•APC NWC to discuss Atiku’s emergence, others today

GOVERNORS elected on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, have rebuffed moves by two of their colleagues and presidency power brokers to co-opt former President Goodluck Jonathan into the 2023 presidential race with a view to ceding the party’s ticket to him.

The governors, who had before the last national convention of the party in March traded off the national chairmanship position for the presidency had met at least twice in the last 10 days but could not agree on who among them to put forward for consideration by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Four governors – Yahaya Bello (Kogi), Kayode Fayemi (Ekiti) Dave Umahi (Ebonyi) and Ben Ayade (Cross River) are in the race alongside more than 20 other party chieftains to succeed Buhari.

However, most of the governors are said to be displeased with reported attempts to drag Jonathan into the race.

The move to draft Jonathan and the attendant misgivings, Vanguard gathered are partly responsible for the inability of the APC to raise its presidential screening committee, screen the aspirants and hold the presidential primaries. So far, the primaries have been postponed four times.

It was also part of the reasons the party pressured, and finally with the support of some political parties, got the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to extend by six days the June 3, 2022 deadline for parties to conclude their primaries.

With the extension of the deadline to June 9, the APC promptly moved its presidential primary from May 29 and 30 to June 6 and 7.

APC govs unyielding

“Of course, you know that the four governors who are in the race are unyielding to any consideration regarding Jonathan’s ambition. Apart from it being a serious campaign dilemma for the party, that is, having to wash up all the dirt it threw on Jonathan in 2015, it is also an indictment on the quality of contestants in the APC.

“The governors had made that position known to the president before and I believe it will still form part of the talking points whenever they meet him again before the presidential primary.

“To them, if the president cannot support any of the governors to emerge as standard bearer of the party, then he should just stay aloof and allow the process play out naturally without endorsing anybody outside the fold. This is not to say that you don’t have those who are canvassing for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. So, as it is, the governors are divided by their various interests. All they can ask for now is just a level playing field,” said a chieftain of the party who is an ally of one of the governors.

How initial plot failed

Inside sources in the APC have given an insight into how the plot to co-opt former President Jonathan into the 2023 election race hit the brick wall following the dissolution of the Mai Mala Buni-led Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee, CECPC, in March.

The plot said to have been hatched in 2020 by party strategists close to the defunct CECPC had not only advanced the now-popular reason of Jonathan serving a one term and power returning to the North, but that Buni would deputize for the Otuoke-born politician.

Sources said the move which did not have the backing of most of the governors was sponsored by two governors – a first term governor from the North-East and a second term governor from the North-West.

“The plot was hatched by a Kogi politician, who was close to the CECPC leadership. It was essentially to get Governor Buni to deputize for Jonathan who would serve for one term and then power would return to the North.

“It was principally because of that plot that its arrowheads were doing everything to frustrate the last national convention and pave the way for the Buni CECPC to remain in charge to conduct the convention alongside the ongoing primaries. That way, it would have been easier to get the delegates to vote for Jonathan. But unfortunately, Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, came in the way of that plot. He was insistent on the right thing being done. He was the first to announce that the last convention would hold and that the party had even agreed on zoning. It was like a subtle ambush but it worked.

“The plot did not however die as its promoters kept trying to recruit more supporters. With what is going on now, they appear to have secured the support of more power brokers around the president. Jonathan is essentially a candidate of a section of the North”, said a party source.

Indeed, a Federal High Court in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, on Friday, held that Jonathan is eligible to contest the 2023 presidential election, and that he had been elected as president as once in 2011.

The Constitution provides for a maximum period of two terms for a president. Jonathan as vice president completed the tenure of late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua when the latter died in 2010. He contested the 2011 election and won but lost his re-election quest in 2015 to President Buhari.

Recall that Andy Solomon and Idibiye Abraham (plaintiffs) asked the court to prevent Jonathan from running for the office of president by invoking Section 137, subsection 1b and 3.

We must conclude high-power game this week —Party leader

A leader of the party, who attributed the delay in screening the aspirants and conducting the presidential primaries to “Mr Consensus (President Buhari)” said, the plot to draft in Jonathan “is a high-powered game. Buhari is keeping everything to his chest. A lot will happen during the week.”

The party leader also agreed that the PDP’s successful conclusion of its presidential primary has put pressure on the APC, and lamented that the party’s National Chairman, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, was not pulling his weight.

“Abdullahi Adamu is a mere stooge. Buhari is the one with the remote control. The week will determine many things. It’s going to be an interesting week. Whatever happens between Tuesday and Friday will shape everything,” he said.

He’s not allienating any one—Jonathan camp

An aide to Goodluck Jonathan said: “There is no great movement without opposition. We sympathise with the genuine feelings of those opposing the former president.

“However, GEJ is not about allienating any one, or suppressing legitimate concerns. Those opposed to him should note that no great leap has happened to mankind without genuine descent. I believe GEJ has the depth of heart to assuage such patriotic fears in event. Right now it should be about the country Nigeria and how to move it forward.”

APC NWC to discuss Atiku’s emergence, others today

The Senator Abdullahi Adamu-led National Working Committee, NWC, of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC will today discuss plans for its presidential primaries and the emergence of Atiku Abubakar as the presidential candidate of the PDP, and map out fresh strategies.

While Atiku’s emergence had been largely envisaged by strategists within the ruling party, Vanguard gathered that the issue would be raised at the NWC meeting in order to discuss its implications for the APC.

Shift in primary aimed at modified consensus—Source

A source, familiar with the workings of the APC, told Vanguard that the shift in date of the primary was aimed at arriving at a modified consensus.

The source disclosed that though there are talks with Jonathan, and some APC leaders are narrowing it down to the Senate President, Senator Ahmad Lawan and former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu.

”They are trying to negotiate with Jonathan to emerge as the party’s flagbearer. I know they are negotiating and talking with him but some APC stakeholders are divided over Ahmad Lawan (Senate President).

Lawan also has people who are backing his aspiration particularly now that Atiku Abubakar has emerged as PDP candidate. Some of Lawan’s backers are talking about the APC zoning the presidency to the North and that is the advantage Lawan has.

Lawan is a serious contender and part of the shift in the primary is to come up with a modified consensus. The APC is working on a modified consensus but that will not be easy because of Bola Tinubu.

“With the emergence of the PDP candidate, some APC leaders believe that Tinubu is the best aspirant to face Atiku Abubakar. The whole scenario is still not clear but I know that in a couple of days, there will be a direction.”

Why cabal want Jonathan back as President— Olu Falae

Former Secretary to the Federal Government, SGF, and a chieftain of the pan-Yoruba socio-political organization, Afenifere, Chief Olu Falae, yesterday, said cabal in the Presidency want to draft former President Jonathan into the 2023 election because plots to quickly return power to the North.

His words: “The man you threw away from government, Goodluck Jonathan was ‘a problem man, an incompetent man, he was an idiot, an slowpoke.’ There was no name they didn’t call him. Now you are going back to ask him to come back to rule. There is only one reason for that. The only reason they are asking Goodluck Jonathan to come back is because he has spent one term as president.

“They don’t want the presidency to be in the South for more than four years. They want it quickly back in the North. So they want to use Goodluck to achieve that objective against his own people.

“They don’t care what he does if he goes back. If he is more ‘incompetent’ this time, it does not bother them as long as they get power quickly back. Are we on the same plane? Do we have the same objective? They will sacrifice anything as long as they get what they want. So this is where we are, and that’s why we need a political party not what I call an opportunistic gang up for power. That’s what PDP is; that’s what APC is – opportunistic gang up for power, not parties.”

The Afenifere leader likened the APC “to the army which after forcefully assuming power seizes the control of apparatus of power at the national and state levels including the nation’s treasury and the state governments among others.

“Look at the run off to the party primaries. It’s like war at all levels. That is because the objective of the aspirants is personal, financial. It’s not how to get Nigeria out of the crisis and unemployment into prosperity. That’s not why they are fighting. They are fighting because they want to be the ones to grab the national treasury.”

We’re not disturbed by postponement—Ajulo, convener PLO

Meanwhile, Convener of the Progressive Lawyers for Osinbajo, PLO, Dr Kayode Ajulo, has said he was not disturbed with the postponement of the primary but expressed optimism that it will work in favour of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Ajulo said: “Consensus here is giving the VP right of first refusal. He deserves it. It’s a convention of party politics. Here is a man who has been faithful and dedicated to his job. I must say his emergence goes beyond APC but other parties, they’re comfortable with him and if APC sincerely want to win this election and ready to move Nigeria forward they need to settle for Prof Osinbajo.

“The question about whether there will be primary or consensus should be left to the leadership of the party. Our assurance lies in the aspirants we’re rooting for, he comes with experience, his dedication to duty is second to none. He’s primed for the job.

“We are not affected with the postponement so long it’s for the good of the party and to allow popular participation. Yes, it’s costly as most of the VP support groups have relocated to Abuja paying hotels bills and doing everything permissible for their choice but we believe no price is too big to give Nigeria the best among the aspirants.

We’ve done our ground work—Fayemi’s ally

Also speaking, an ally of Governor Kayode Fayemi said the presidential hopeful is prepared for the contest just as he expressed optimism that Fayemi will get the APC ticket.

The ally, who spoke in confidence, said: “Once you are prepared for an exam and the school authorities call for a postponement for the examination, you will still continue with your preparations.

“We are fully prepared; we have gone round over 25 states of the federation meeting with leaders and stakeholders.

“We have done our ground work properly and we are optimistic. We have absolute confidence in the system that there will be a level playing field.”

Southern candidate no longer feasible in APC —Kalu

Chief Whip of the Senate, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, said that the emergence of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar as the PDP candidate has made it unrealistic for the APC to look in the direction of the South for its presidential candidate.

In a statement, yesterday, Kalu, a former governor of Abia State, urged President Buhari and the APC to expressly zone its presidential ticket to North-East and subsequently elect the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan, as the candidate of the party.

The Senator, who congratulated the PDP for electing a north easterner in the person of Atiku as its presidential candidate, said that APC will go into political retirement if it refused to heed his advice on the issue.

He wrote: “Congratulations to the PDP for electing a North-Easterner. Nigerians must have seen what I saw yesterday. For our party, the APC, it is no longer feasible to talk about a Southern candidate except the APC wants to go on political retirement.

“I urge the National Chairman of the party and the entire NWC to stamp their feet and zone the APC presidential ticket to the North East.

“President Buhari has a right to choose his successor and I call on him to pick Senator Ahmad Lawan as his successor. In every democratic setting, presidents and governors support and pick their successors.”

Changes in date suspicious —Tinubu group

The Director-General, Network for Bola Tinubu in Ondo State, Mr Tolu Babaleye alleged that the change in the convention date by the APC was suspicious.

Babaleye said: “Something is fishy about the continued changes in the date for the Convention. We are surprised at what is happening because nothing is certain again in the APC.”

“The reason they gave for this last change was that since INEC has extended the window by six days, they feel that they should still reassess themselves and organize a proper convention. That is why I want to give them the benefit of doubt.

“But if we want to think like politicians, we will be saying that something is fishy because we are reading and hearing so many rumours, though unsubstantiated.

“You know out of every rumour, there is an element of truth there. We are just waiting for the party.”

2023 Presidency: APC Weighs Options As Atiku Shops For Running Mate

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The emergence of the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar as the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has placed the All Progressives...

The emergence of the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar as the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has placed the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the crossroads, making the leaders of the ruling party cautious of their next steps.

The APC leaders are weighing two options on who to put forward for the contest, Daily Trust can report.

This is just as impeccable sources at the leading opposition party said shopping for a running mate for Atiku has commenced. Top shot of the camp of Atiku said they are considering paring a serving governor from the South-South geopolitical zone with him.

After months of hide-and-seek by the two political parties on zoning their presidential tickets, the PDP on Saturday conducted its presidential primary and picked a northerner from Adamawa State.

Twice the ruling party had postponed its presidential primary. The party was blamed for the postponement of the June 3 deadline for the conduct of the parties’ primaries for the 2023 general elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Friday.

APC at crossroads, weighs 2 options

Seven days to the new date fixed for the APC presidential primary, Daily Trust reports that activities for the exercise have not commenced.

Party leaders, aspirants, and other stakeholders of the party are at crossroads over choices to make. The screening of the 23 presidential aspirants of the party slated for last Monday was postponed indefinitely.

Daily Trust reports that the National Working Committee (NWC) under the leadership of a former governor of Nasarawa State, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, has neither fixed a new date nor constituted a committee to carry out the exercise.

Out of the 23 aspirants, stakeholders in the party are looking in the direction of National Leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu; Vice President Yemi Osinbajo; Senate President Ahmad Lawan and former Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi.

Sources in the ruling party told Daily Trust that two options are being weighed.

“It is either we dare the South and pick our candidate in the North or we throw open the race and risk its outcome,” a source in the party said.

Daily Trust had on May 17 exclusively reported the heightening of the push for the retention of the party’s presidential ticket in the North. The emergence of Atiku has amplified it. But a section of the power brokers in Abuja is said to be still rooting for former President Goodluck Jonathan as a possible flag bearer of the party.

The northerners in the race for the ticket are; Lawan; Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello; Jigawa State Governor, Mohammed Badaru Abubakar and former Zamfara State Governor, Sen. Ahmed Yarima. A former governor said the emergence of the former vice president has completely changed the dynamics.

He said; “Apart from some charlatans in the Villa dropping Buhari’s name and claiming that he has endorsed Amaechi, the emergence of Atiku has completely changed the dynamics.

“Apart from Tinubu, is there anyone who can match Atiku toe-to-toe across the nation and repeat the MKO success story when he defeated the late Bashir Othman Tofa in Kano?”

“Surely, Atiku is banking on northern votes. Kwankwaso will cut off some from North West. So a good running mate from North will square him off. And of course, attacking his home base of northeast is the deal.”

But a former Governor of Abia State, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, yesterday said the emergence of Atiku has shut the doors on the southern contestants in the APC.

Kalu, the Chief Whip of the Senate and one of the promoters of Lawan, urged President Buhari to pick his successor.

“For our party the APC, it is no longer feasible to talk about southern candidates except the APC wants to go on political retirement.

The Abia senator also urged the party’s leadership to zone APC presidential ticket to the North East.

“I call on President Buhari to pick a successor from the North East and that will be the equity the South East needs. With the North East, the cycle will be closest to completion of regions producing the president of Nigeria,” he said in a statement.

But the Talban Bauchi, Tahir Ibrahim Tahir, in an article tagged, “APC’s bitter but puissant pill,” said Tinubu is the only aspirant that can match Atiku.

“APC must honour its unwritten agreement of power shift, in the spirit of federal character and rotation. Tinubu as a southerner is the only politician that has exhibited the northern brand of inclusiveness in politics,” he said.

S/West APC chieftains warn against Jonathan’s candidature

A coalition of chieftains of the APC in the South West has urged President Buhari not to breach the trust and agreement he reached with the leaders of the party in the region before his election in 2015.

The group in a statement issued yesterday by its National Convener, Mr Fatai Bola Adekunle, said Buhari was morally bound to support and ensure that a party member from the South West region succeeds him in the office next year.

Adekunle maintained that anything short of the aforementioned demand would amount to betrayal from President Buhari and his supporters to the people of the South West who he said helped him (Buhari) greatly to get into office in 2015.

“We are appealing to President Muhammadu Buhari to reciprocate the gesture of the people of the South West to him in 2015 by making sure that one of our sons emerges to succeed him in 2023 as a token of appreciation for the gesture of our people towards him.

“All of us were living witnesses to the roles played by our sons and daughters to ensure the emergence of Buhari as the president of the country. It is no gainsaying the fact that without that alliance between the South West and the North, the Buhari presidency that we have today would not have been possible”, they said.

They further cautioned the party leaders against the rumoured moves to foist former President Goodluck Jonathan as a presidential candidate.

Contacted, an aide of the president said Buhari was not part of a plot to draft Jonathan into APC presidential race.

He said on Sunday that instructions had been given that there shall be no public release of photos of any meetings between the former president and the incumbent at this time.

The president, it was gathered, did not want such images to be used to confer any modicum of support to the plot to get Jonathan into the race.

Daily Trust learnt that the Presidency was worried that the aides of the former president were involved in keeping the “Plot alive in the media by releasing photos of his visits to the APC Chairman and Alhaji Mamman Daura, to insinuate that these two gentlemen are in support of the plot”.

Ex-VP’s camp considers Okowa, Udom, elders make case for Wike

Reliable sources at the PDP told this paper that the shopping for a running mate for Atiku has commenced.

At the 2019 general election, Atiku, who was the candidate of the party picked a former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi as his running mate. They were defeated by President Buhari.

A source close to Atiku said before the primary, they had resolved to pick the running mate from the South-South geopolitical zone.

He said at their inner circle, the Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, was being considered for the plum seat given his contribution to the emergence of Atiku.

“Except for last-minute change, we are looking at Governor Okowa for the position. He has consistently supported our camp despite all backlashes. He mobilised resources for us and ensured that all the delegates of his voted for us,” the source, one of the leaders of the campaign team said.

But another source in the party, who confirmed that they have resolved that the running mate be picked from the South-South, said the issue of Okowa has not been sealed.

“There is a division on it, some are saying him but others especially elders of the party, said Wike should be considered because of his performance at the primary,” the party leader said.

He also said that Governor Udom Emmanuel Akwa Ibom, who came fourth with 38 votes at the primary, has begun moves to be considered for the seat.

According to him, the main factor that led to the defection of Peter Obi was the decision of the Atiku’s camp to look elsewhere for the running mate.

Meanwhile, a former Senate President, Anyim Pius Anyim, one of the presidential aspirants of the PDP, has expressed shock that the consideration by delegates during voting was based on the old primordial sentiments rather than on burning national issues and how to resolve them.

Anyim, who said this while reacting to the outcome of the PDP presidential primaries, however, congratulated former Vice President Atiku Abubakar for emerging the flag bearer of the party.

He said he was proud to have gone through the presidential race to the end, assuring that he would continue to stand tall “Until we birth the Nigeria of our collective dreams.”

Cameroonian Ambazonia Militants Invade Nigeria, Gun Down 20 In Cross River State - Politics

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By Eyo Charles

Militants of Ambazonia, a separatist group in South West Cameroon, have killed at least 20 people in a community in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State.

Chief Cletus Obun, a former member of Cross River House of Assembly and an aspirant of House of Reps for Boki/Ikom federal constituency, confirmed the incident, saying it happened on Sunday.

“I can confirm that the Ambazonian soldiers crossed the Nigerian border Sunday morning to attack their compatriots who fled into Nigeria and refused to join their forces to fight.”

“They killed nearly 20. No one is sure yet if amongst those killed, there are Nigerian citizens.”

He said the remaining Cameroonians who also speak Bokye language of Boki people have now flooded Bashu community, not far from Danare, where Nigerian troops have a small camp.

Ambazonian militants regularly saunter into the Boki, where there are many Cameroonians, to wreak havoc or unwind.

When contacted, Information officer of 13 Brigade of Nigerian Army Calabar, Captain Tope Aluko, said they were yet to confirm the latest attack, which happened six months after a similar invasion in Taraba State.

Senate Deputy Minority Leader, Emmanuel Bwacha, had raised the alarm over how suspected Cameroonian militants gunned down the village head and some residents of Manga community in Taraba.

The lawmaker had said the Cameroonian separatists razed down the village.

Bwacha, who represents Taraba South in the Senate, said the separatists’ invasion threatened Nigeria’s territorial sovereignty as their motive is yet unknown.

He had said, “I rise this morning to draw the attention of our country men and particularly our security agencies to this unfortunate incident which undermines our integrity and sovereignty as a nation. Takum local government houses the 23 Battalion of the Nigerian Army, and so Mr. President, it is my humble submission that the Nigerian Army should rise to the challenge and curb this wanton territorial expansion.

“Their (Separatists) motive is yet unknown, whether they want to expand territory or lay claim for Southwest Cameroon is not yet clear.”

EFCC Charges Rochas Okorocha To Federal High Court, Abuja - Politics

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By Fadehan Oyeyemi

Amid heavy security by its operatives, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has brought the former Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha before a Federal High Court in Abuja for arraignment over N2.9B corruption charges.

Okorocha was driven to the court premises at about 8:45 a.m. and was immediately led to the court room.

Dressed in his usual green coloured Agbada with a brown cap to match, the All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential aspirant, who is wearing a pensive mood, was made to sit near a dock where his plea on the fraud charges against him would be taken this morning.

His usual smiles and waiving of handkerchief to admirers are completely absent in his mood in the court room.

Some of his family members and political associates who are in court ahead of his arrival could not get direct access to him due to heavy security mounted around him.

The aides comprising former Commissioners among others, are, however, miling around to catch a glimpse of the Senator representing Imo West in the Senate.

His lead counsel, Mr Kehinde Ogunwumiju, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, has also arrived in court with a retinue of other lawyers.

At the time of this report, Justice Inyang Eden Ekwo who is to handle the case is being awaited in the court.

However, the court Registrar and other workers are already on their seats.

Okorocha was forcefully arrested on Tuesday in his Abuja residence by EFCC operatives as part of efforts to ensure his appearance in court today.

It will be recalled that Justice Inyang Ekwo of the Federal High Court, Abuja had on Monday, March 28, issued a threat to strike out the N2.9 billion money laundering charges against Okorocha should the Federal Government fail again to cause his appearance in court.

The judge had threatened to throw out the charges following the inability of the Federal Government to serve charges on Okorocha as required by law.

At the March 28 proceedings, the Federal Government, for the second time through its counsel, Mr Cosmos Ugwu, had told Justice Ekwo that he has not been able to see Okorocha and serve him with the charges.

The Federal Government’s charges against Okorocha dated January 24, 2022, was signed by one A.O Ikota on behalf of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Okorocha, who is currently a Senator representing Imo West in the National Assembly, is to face trial alongside six others in the N2.9 billion money laundering criminal charges.

The Senator is being put on trial by the Federal Government on 17-count charges involving criminal diversion of public funds and properties

Yemi Alade Performs 'Carry Me Dey Go My Husband House' On Stage In London (Video - Celebrities

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Yemi Alade was seen is a video in a Stage performing a song that go viral, CARRY ME DEY GO MY HUSBAND HOUSE in London, celebrating Africa day.


APC Primary: Tinubu's Chances At Risk Over Exclusion Of Statutory Delegates

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The failure of President Muhammadu Buhari to assent to the amendment made by the National Assembly to the Electoral Act, 2022, which gives recognition to statutory delegates, may have dealt a big blow to the presidential ambition of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, former Lagos State governor and presidential aspirant of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Party sources, who spoke with Daily Independent on Sunday, said Tinubu is one of the politicians greatly affected by the president’s action as here lied greatly on statutory delegates, especially serving and former National Assembly members to vote for him at the convention.

The statutory delegates include: the President, Vice President, members of the National Assembly (past and present), governors and their deputies, members of the state Houses of Assembly, council chairmen, councilors and National Working Committees (NWCs) of political parties.

Daily Independent gathered that with the development, members of the South-West Agenda for Asiwaju (SWAGA’ 23), who are made up of former and serving National Assembly members and have been mobilising support for Tinubu nationwide, will not be able to vote at the convention.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Independent in December 2021, Otunba Bosun Oladele, National Secretary of SWAGA, explained the concept behind the formation of the group.

“SWAGA started as an effort in revamping our consciousness towards the need for a President from South- West region in the coming dispensation.

 We looked at how this could be achieved and we decided that a group could be the pivot. Who are those that are supposed to constitute the group? The only set of people that we felt will have the time and some resources to be able to do that are former members of the National Assembly".

“Not only that, people have been talking about whether direct or indirect primary should be adopted.

The idea is that every former member of the National Assembly, be it senator or rep is automatic statutory delegate.

 If they say it is indirect primary tomorrow, even if they have gone to another party, wherever they are, they are among the delegates that will vote by right and by law for all the parties.

“For example, I am from Oyo State. Every four years, Oyo State will turn out 14 House of Reps members and statutorily every state has three senators.

So, if you look at Oyo State, assuming we are able to get 14 reps and three senators, that is 17 votes already in the delegates’ election.

So, we decided to bring former members of the National Assembly together, with the belief that we already have some votes in the kitty in case indirect primary is adopted”.

According to a former NWC member of the APC from the North-West zone, the refusal of President Buhari to sign the amended Electoral Act greatly unsettled Tinubu and members of SWAGA as their permutations on the presidential primary was quashed.

The refusal of President Buhari in signing the amended Electoral Act greatly affected a lot of politicians, not just in APC alone.

It also affected PDP members too as can be seen in their primaries. Many statutory delegates who have before now enjoyed certain privileges during elections such as patronage and largesse which include foreign currency were shut out. Nobody contacted them because they can’t vote.

“However, I think the major person who is bearing the brunt of the failure of the President to sign the amended Act is Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

If you look at SWAGA and other groups canvassing support for him such as Tinubu Support Group, they are majorly current and serving National Assembly members who have already assured him of votes at the convention. However, with the latest developments, they can’t vote again.

So, Tinubu is at the mercy of the APC governors who are now in full control of the delegates”.

When contacted, Oladele said Tinubu’s chance at the primary is not threatened at all given the fact that SWAGA is not only made up of former and current National Assembly members but also grassroots politicians who are ad-hoc delegates that will vote at the convention.

Enugu 2023: Ekweremadu’s Demand Is Evil, Ignoble - Ugochukwu Agballah

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The All Progressives Congress(APC) in Enugu State on Sunday explained that it rejected the desperate moves by the former Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu to “hijack” the party’s governorship ticket.

The party’s position followed speculations around Ekweremadu’s political future following his withdrawal from the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) governorship primary election in Enugu last week.

The state chairman of the party, Chief Ugochukwu Agballah who briefed newsmen in Enugu on Sunday, said the party rejected the pressures mounted by Ekweremadu on the APC in Abuja to grab its ticket.

He, however, said such a move would never work, describing it as evil.

Agballah added: “Ekweremadu is a man I have great respect for. We have held discussions, on the need for him to come and join us as a member of the party, the same way I met other persons.

“I reached out to him before our primary, but he informed me in the presence of the Southeast chairman of our party, that we should give him our ticket for governorship position.

“Even after our primary, he is still insisting that we should give him ticket.

“And I’m baffled because his demand is repugnant to natural justice, at variance with the Electoral Act, which he is one of the makers.

“His demand is evil, ignoble, shows that a man does not change his colour.

“He is in court claiming that he was subverted during the PDP primary, but the same man is now running up and down, disturbing us up and down, mobilizing Senators to prevail on our national chairman to subvert the Electoral Act.

“The Electoral Act is clear, nobody can give him a waiver to undo what we did.

“Uche Nnaji is our candidate; he emerged after a primary election duly observed by INEC.

“We want Ekweremadu to be our member but we cannot give him our governorship ticket. These are some of the things that give bad image to Nigerian politicians.

“Ekweremadu wants to be governor but the position was not even zoned to Enugu West, but he wants to take Enugu East turn. Now, he wants to come and subvert APC, where I am the chairman. And I ask, what kind of a man is Ekweremadu, who is this Ekweremadu?

“He is not a member of APC and he is demanding our ticket, is he now blinded by ambition. If I see him in my party, I will treat him like a mad man.

“His demands portend grave danger to our political system. I will not allow desperados to come and scatter what we have laboured for.

“Ekweremadu has been in power for 24 years, he should support others. It must not be about him all the time. We are not operating absolute monarchy.”

Annie Idibia Unfollows 2face Amid His Reunion With Pero And Her Children In US - Celebrities

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Wife of Legendary Nigerian singer, Innocent Idibia, Annie Idibia, popularly known as 2face, has unfollowed her husband on Instagram.

This is coming after the babymama of legendary singer, Pero Adeniyi showered him with praises for his fatherly role in his kids’ lives.

According to reports, 2baba is currently in the United States spending time with his three kids which he shares with Pero.

2Baba also shared a lovely video of him and three kids as they bonded.

The music icon, who was excited to be with his children could be seen vibing with them.

However, The latest observation presents that Annie Idibia is not interested in seeing content from her husband on Instagram as she unfollowed him, but 2face has not returned the favour.


10 Things You Should Never Do In A Job Interview - Jobs/Vacancies

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1. Don’t be late or too early
Arriving late for the interview is a rude gesture that always makes a bad impression, but so is arriving too early. In both cases you can cause the feeling that you do not calculate the time well, in the first case, it is also perceived as disrespectful, and in the second, it can seem that you are living in a desperate situation.

2. Do not have the mobile on
Turn off your mobile minutes before entering the room where you are going to be interviewed. Do not leave it for the last moment or you will run the risk of forgetting it. If your cell phone rings during the interview, it will interrupt your interviewer’s work and create an awkward situation that will not benefit you at all.

3. Don’t get bogged down in an argument
Freely express your opinions but never start or maintain an argument. It is not about giving the reason without complaining to those who do not have it, but try not to see yourself involved in an argument. It will be an embarrassing situation that will position you as a conflictive person.

4. Do not gesticulate exaggeratedly
Your gestures and your postures are more important than you think. They say a lot about you and reveal what you feel. For example, don’t sit on the edge of the chair or wave your hands insistently. Try to look your interviewer or interviewers in the eye, but not in a threatening way. Smile and behave naturally.

5. Do not take the initiative: let the interviewer direct the interview
Remember that you are the interviewee and not the interviewer. You are there to answer questions, not to ask them. Do not compete with the interviewer, he must always take the initiative. Do not interrupt him and always answer his questions. Without detours or ambiguities.

6. Don’t answer questions aggressively
Never get defensive. Respond calmly and use a calm and collected tone. During the interview do not behave aggressively or act violently. If you get nervous, take a deep breath and stay calm.

7. Don’t show up looking bad
Choose well the clothes you are going to wear that day. Clean yourself and take care of all the details of your personal hygiene. Your appearance is very important to make a good impression. The image counts a lot and provides a large amount of information about your tastes, your preferences and your way of thinking. A careless image will harm you.

8. Don’t chew gum
Chewing gum during a conversation is rude. It will appear that you are not serious about the interview and most people find it very uncomfortable. Do not hesitate, your interviewer will find it highly inappropriate.

9. Don’t lie
The proverb is wise. “A liar is caught before a lame man.” If you lie on your CV or if you answer false questions, sooner or later you will be found out and the cure will be worse than the disease. No company wants to hire liars or cheaters.

10. Don’t stop being yourself
Everyone is nervous about a job interview, it is clear that it is not an easy time. Most people try to memorize learned answers and some interviewees try to play a role to make a good impression. Don’t fall into that mistake, don’t act n pretend to be who you are not.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will behave during the job interview with more confidence and poise. Read them carefully and if you have any questions, we can advise you to find the job that best suits your profile. An interview is a decisive moment to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are the most suitable person to fill the position offered.

For more job updates and recommendations, visit

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Re: 10 Things You Should Never Do In A Job Interview by Baitullah9:14pm On May 29
Very informative piece. Thank you bro


Re: 10 Things You Should Never Do In A Job Interview by alphaRego01(m): 8:08am
Do not take any form of highness except wasi

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Re: 10 Things You Should Never Do In A Job Interview by ShenTeh(m): 11:49am
Ok o.

The rules are endless and rather than serve as guidance to newbies, may threaten and intimidate the little confidence they have left.

Maybe I should highlight 5 things to do before an interview.

1. Dress well . Except otherwise stated, a CLEAN black jacket on a white/blue shirt with a clean neck tie/scarf.

2. Practice. Prepare. Rehearse. Not in your mind. Rehearse with your mouth. There's a huge difference between those who have rehearsed and those who didn't, no matter how good they think they are.

3. Use real stories to demonstrate your experience and strengths. As you rehearse these stories, you'll learn to trim them and saying them again would make them flow.

4. Believe. Believe that your interviewer(s) want to hire you. This helps your trust and confidence. No, your enemy is not on that desk, and that person asking you 'difficult' questions truly wants you to justify the high grades he wants to give you. That's the person you should smile to. Recruiters go through a lot trying to select the appropriate CVs. They want you to justify that decision that they have made. It is painful to know that valuable time and resources have been wasted to invite a clown to the table.

5. Research the company and the role. Don't try to go and 'cram' everything on their website. Just take one thing that you personally find interesting in their information and know as much as you can on that ONE thing. Research also means knowing the address of the interview and how to get there on time on your interview date. It is ok to visit the venue before your interview date to familiarize yourself with the address and route, and may chip this into your Convo if the opportunity presents itself.


Unknown Gunmen Kill Policeman In Ogidi, Anambra State (Disturbing Video, Pix) - Politics

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A police team on checkpoint duty was yesterday evening attacked by unknown gunmen and an officer shot dead, with the service rifle carted away. Along the expressway in front of Ogidi Town Hall, Ogidi, Idemili North LGA, Anambra state.


2023: Compensate South-East With VP Position - Ohuabunwa Tells PDP - Politics

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Sam Ohuabunwa, one of the contenders at the just concluded Peoples Democratic Party primary said he is willing to accept any offer to be Atiku Abubakar’s vice in the forthcoming 2023 general election.

The businessman revealed on Monday that he is willing to serve the country in any capacity when the opportunity arises.

Ohubunwa’s dream to be PDP’s candidate to run against the All Progressives Congress and other political parties was dashed at the primaries that saw him secure the least vote on Saturday.

Atiku, Nigeria’s ex- VP secured the highest vote of 371, Rivers State Governor Nyeson Wike was second with 237, Bukola Saraki the former Senate President secured 70, while Udom Emmanuel who is the Akwa Ibom State Governor got 38 votes.

Bala Muhammed, Bauch State Governor secured 20 votes, while Anyim Pius Anyim and Ohuabunwa got 14 votes and one vote respectively.

Both candidates who secured the least votes are from the South Eastern Nigeria, a region clamouring to hold the top position for the first time since 1999.

But losing the primary has left the pharmacist and founder of Neimeth Pharmaceutical to scramble for the VP Post.

Ohuabunwa said, “The issue is that as I said in 2019, there is nothing new, it is the same system. We cannot pretend that it is just a new development,” he told Channels TV.

He added, “But the issue is that I have a heart to serve Nigeria willing to make the sacrifice and whatsoever opportunity presents, I will certainly consider it. It is not about me; it is about redeeming this country. It is about creating future for my children and grandchildren. It is about uniting it and making us energetic as a globally competitive nation that will be at peace with itself and respected.

“So, whatever role that God grants me to advance that vision, I will gladly take.”

He decried that delegate who voted were motivated by “the effect of money. So, whenever you see the votes coming you will see that it is skewed towards that direction.”

According to him, it was difficult for the delegates who voted to see money and ignore it particularly as it was substantial.

He explained that PDP primaries has always tilted towards the same pattern.

Although Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, said that it will not back Atiku’s candidature over the South East presidential agenda, Ohuabunwa said the party needs to compensate the region for the sake of equity and justice.

Labour Party Presidential Primary Election (Live Updates & Pictures)

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The primary elections for the Labour Party will take place today in Asaba.
Mr Peter Obi and Prof Pat Utomi are the Two leading contenders.
I'll be bringing pictures from the venue


Wike, Fayose Meet Atiku Abubakar, PDP Presidential Candidate In Abuja (Photos) - Politics

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Gov Nyesom Wike Meets Atiku Abubakar, the Presidential Candidate Of PDP In Abuja this morning


Sabinus Sues Peak Milk, UAC Gala For N1.1B Over 'Something Hooge’, Cartoon Image - Celebrities

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N1 Billion suit on Peak milk over the use of his trademarked phrase: something hooge in their ads

Picture below

Comedian, Chukwuemeka Emmanuel, popularly known as Sabinus, has slammed a one billion naira suit on Friesland Foods Wamco Nigeria Plc for unauthorised use of his trademark ‘something hooge’.

In an Instagram post on May 24, Peak Milk had used the phrase ‘something hooge’ to advertise their product.

Addressing the company through his lawyer, Stanley Alieke, Sabinus noted that the phrase was his registered trademark and therefore, demanded N1 billion in compensation and damages.

In the legal notice cited by The PUNCH on Monday, Sabinus threatened a lawsuit if the brand failed to comply within two weeks from the receipt of the legal notice.

“Our client briefed us and we believe the same to be true that your Company, Friesland Foods Wamco Nigeria Plc, used a trademarked slogan ‘Something Hooge’ for the promotion of your Peak Milk product,” the legal notice dated May 27 read.

It continued, “The advert which was made on the Peak Milk Nigeria verified Instagram page (peak_milk) was posted on the 24th day of May 2022 which was used to promote the Peak National Breakfast Week.

“It will interest you to know that the phrase ‘something hooge’, which was popularised by our client, has been trademarked and legally reserved as his intellectual property by the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment.

“The said slogan was trademarked on the 26th of November 2021 with the file number: NG/TM/O/2021/48316. 10. On this note, we make the demand for the payment of the sum of Five Hundred Million Naira (N500m) as compensation for the unauthorized use of the intellectual property belonging to our client.

“And another five hundred million Naira for damages for the trauma; emotional, physical, psychological, and mental trauma our client has suffered for the Trademark theft and infringement of his intellectual property rights.”

N100 million suit on UAC foods over the use of his cartoonized image for their gala adverts

In a similar development, Sabinus also demanded a sum of N100m from UAC Foods for the use of his animated image in an advert for the Gala sausage roll.

The notice dated 25th of May read, “Your company UAC Food Ltd. has been using the brand picture and other intellectual properties of Sabinus to make adverts for your Gala sausage roll without the consent or authorization of our clients,” another notice read.

“You made a post on your verified Instagram handle (gala sausage roll), on the 23rd of May, 2022 with the picture of our client. The post which was a cartoon of our client was captioned ‘the way I calculate everything in my life’.

“We demand that you pay our client the sum of one hundred million Naira (N100m) for the use of the picture which is the average fee our client charges for his picture to be used for adverts and promotions.”


The American Dream: A Mirage; Only Racism, Poverty & Gun Violence Are Realities

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A Nigerian lady, Ajibola Elisabeth Junaid from Oyo State narrates how she migrated with her family members to the United States in search of greener pastures. Her family settled in Chicago, as they were all asylum seekers. It did not take long for her to discover that hardly does the American dream exist for minorities or people of colour.

She described America as a reality of racism, poverty, food insecurity and gun violence.

She is a senior student at Wendell Phillips Academy High School.

Her narration below:

“I expected the America I had seen on TV. But life on Chicago’s South Side is a struggle. It’s realities of racism, poverty, food insecurity, and gun violence surprised me. I moved to Chicago almost five years ago, five days before my 14th birthday. Before that, we lived in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

“Then my dad lost his job, and my god mom died. My mom, an assistant to the police commissioner, had quit her job to start her own shop so she could have time with my little sister and me. But thieves were constantly breaking into the shop, making it impossible for her to earn a living. So my parents decided to sell their house and move to the United States.

“We thought coming to America would end our family’s adversity. I imagined an America of TV and movies, with nice tilled roads and fancy suburban houses. It seems silly now, but I really thought America was paradise on earth, an ideal country where everyone who lived there was rich. I never knew systemic racism existed and still exists here. I just figured that everyone would be treated equally.”

Journey to USA:

Ajibola had to board two planes to get to America in company of her family members-one from Lagos, Nigeria, to Dubai, and another from Dubai to Chicago, “We were on the plane for 23 hours. It was exhausting, but I believed I was on my way to starting a new life where I’d live like Angelina Jolie. When we arrived in Chicago, my dad showed me where we’d be staying: an antiquated South Side apartment shared with about three other families. There was no privacy. There was no heat. Our lights and water were going in and out. There was one bathroom that we all had to share, which made me uncomfortable. My younger sister and I had to sleep on the floor.

“Food was also very scarce because my parents had no income. My mom would go around looking for people who needed help cooking their meals. She’d work for free so she could bring home some of that food. That was what my family lived on for the first couple of months.

Photo Of Rochas Okorocha In Court - Politics

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PHOTOS: EFCC presents Rochas Okorocha in court for arraignment


Peter Obi Wins Labour Party Presidential Primary As Pat Utomi Steps Down

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Peter Obi has been declared the winner of labor party presidential primary election as his contender Pat Utomi step down for him

Pat Utomi has promised to bring other political parties into Labor Party

More details...


The Moment Pat Utomi Endorsed Peter Obi (Video) - Politics

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The moment Pat Utomi withdrew for Peter Obi at the Labour Party Presidential Primary.

Earlier, the National Youth Leader, Comr. Eragbe Anslem had withdrawn from the race and declared support for @PeterObi.


Lewandowski: My Bayern Story Has Come To An End, I Hope They Won't Keep Me

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ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI has sensationally declared he "doesn't want to play for Bayern Munich anymore" and demanded a transfer.

The 33-year-old Polish striker has been heavily linked with a summer switch to Barcelona.

Robert Lewandowski has said he 'doesn't want to play for Bayern Munich anymore'

Lewandowski had already signalled his intention to reject any contract extension with the German champs.

His deal runs out next summer.

Speaking to reporters while on international duty with Poland, Lewandowki said: “My era at Bayern is over. I don't see any possibility to continue playing for this club anymore.

“Bayern’s a serious club and I believe they won’t keep me, I don't want to play there anymore.

"A transfer is the best solution. I hope they don't stop me”.

The free-scoring forward gave a cryptic clue of what was to come when he attended the Monaco Grand Prix at the weekend.

Speaking to Sky Germany at in the Principality, he said: "The time will come to give information.

"Soon it will be possible to say more."

Security Chiefs Meet In Lagos Over Okada Ban

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Benjamin Hundeyin is the public relations officer of the Lagos State Police Command.

SP Benjamin Hundeyin @benhundeyin

MOTORCYCLE BAN ENFORCEMENT: CP Abiodun Alabi, fdc meets with Heads of @official_NSCDC, @FRSCNigeria, @rrslagos767, @Taskforce112 and @OfficialLNSC today, May 30, 2022 at the Police Headquarters, Ikeja to further consolidate already mapped out strategies.


John Oyegun Emerges APC Presidential Screening Committee Chairman

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All Progressives Congress has picked its first substantive national chairman, Chief John Odigie Oyegun as the chairman of the 7-man panel to screen its presidential aspirants ahead of the party’s convention.

With Oyegun as the Screening Panel Chairman, there is palpable fear among the aspirants who are concerned about the possible fate that awaits them.

Oyegun was affirmed as APC chairman June 2014 to lead the party into the General election. Under Oyegun, the General Muhammadu Buhari in December 2014 won the party primary which took place at Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos to emerge the Presidential candidate of APC. Oyegun led his party to defeat a sitting President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 election.

APC ran into crisis under Oyegun with the Governorship election in Ondo State in 2016 when the National Working Committee upheld the election of Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu as the candidate of APC. The crisis that emanated from the Ondo guber caused internal crisis that eventually led to the sack of Oyegun’s NWC. He was succeeded by Adams Oshiomhole as the party’s Chairman in 2018.

Westernpost gathered that some of the party chieftains who are worried about Oyegun leading the screening panel accused him of anti-party activities by actively supporting Governor Godwin Obaseki to defeat Pastor Ize Iyamu in last Edo State Governorship election. There is also the fear that ths choice of Oyegun was influenced by former Chairman of the party’s National Caretaker Committee and Yobe State Governor Mai Mala Buni who is said to still exert a lot of influence in the affairs of the party.

“Our former National Chairman, Oyegun has been picked to head the screening Committee. He has the stature to do the job being a former Governor and retired Federal Permanent Secretary. There is fear and anxiety among the aspirants and the various camps because Chief Oyegun has become a controversial and polarising figure in the party.

“He was among those who plotted against removal of Adams Oshiomhole and sack of immediate past NWC. He supported Obaseki in an election where APC had a Governorship candidate in Edo State. The issue has become if Chief Oyegun will be impartial.

“While those who are against him being the chairman of the Screening Committee raised valid points the party also expects him to do a good and thorough job without bias,” said a source close to the leadership of APC.

2023 Presidency: Is Bola Tinubu The Only Antidote To Defeating Atiku? - Politics

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When the results of the PDP presidential primaries revealed that HE Alhaji Atiku Abubakar had emerged as the opposition party's presidential candidate, it came as no surprise.

Atiku Abubakar is a seasoned politician with a political network spanning the Federation's 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory. His political doggedness should never be underestimated. On Saturday, his political acumen was on display.

The APC, clearly unprepared, did not hold its own presidential primaries this weekend, fueling rumors that the party was conflicted between hosting an open primary and chasing a consensus candidate.

So, who is the true and credible alternative to Atiku Abubakar in the presidential elections of 2023? Who will be the antidote to the PDP and Atiku's planned onslaught?

From all indicators, former Lagos State Governor,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu may be the ideal antidote to Atiku and the PDP. So many reasons, when weighed against one another, balance out if Tinubu is elected as the APC's presidential candidate.

Tinubu vs. Atiku Abubakar: A Comparative Analysis

Age for Age.

Money for Money.

Power for Power.

Structure for Structure.

Muslim ticket for a Muslim ticket.

Many individuals have suggested that Tinubu had a significant role in bringing Buhari to power; same suggestion still applies to Atiku Abubakar.

They cancel each other out in most ramifications. The question APC should ask each aspirant is can you stop Atiku? Aside from Tinubu on the APC list of presidential contestant , Atiku's experience in contesting elections alone will decimate any other aspirant on the party's platform.

The South requires a strong APC candidate to defeat Atiku Abubakar, a political battle veteran in presidential elections. The APC requires an aspirant who, standing alone, can guarantee at least 10 million votes with no problems.

Tambuwwal's body language at the PDP convention made it plain that battling a North Versus South nomination was part of the PDP's strategy against the APC. Let me give you another important reason why Atiku always wins the Presidential election.

Everyone in politics conducts a SWOT analysis to discover internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external possibilities and dangers. Work on your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Atiku's carriage and prestige are two important bargaining chips. Everyone in the PDP would feel at ease working for Atiku as their boss.

Is Nyesom Wike more popular than Atiku in the 36 states of the federation? Consider whether Tambuwal, like Atiku, would command a large subject following if he had won. However, it is clear that Tambuwal would prefer to refer to Atiku as his leader rather than Wike.

There is something known as institutional power, which Atiku wields to a large extent, making it easy for other political heavyweights to submit to his leadership.

It is easier for me to work against my brother when I know he has little chance of winning than it is to stand up to a friend who I am convinced will win.

You do not toss away your votes; they are costly and must serve your interest; keep in mind that interest is not simply financial rewards; there are many other benefits that feed one's interest aside from money. Examine the PDP presidential aspirants and honestly assess who has a higher electoral value.

At this point, the APC's best hope is to field an aspirant who ranks first on the same scale as Atiku; from there, the battle becomes much easier to fight and win.

In politics, the comparison of David and Goliath does not work. To defeat your opponents, you must be tenacious and resourceful.

Atiku is a political institution, and only another institution can match him; it would be easier for every other APC heavyweight to line up behind Tinubu than the other APC aspirants. Tinubu is regarded as an institutional ICON.

It will take a generation for all of these APC aspirants to reach Tinubu's level of success. Ganduje, Aliyu Wamakko, Adams Oshiomhole, Fashola, and even President Muhammadu Buhari would find it more simpler to refer to Tinubu as their leader than any of the other aspirants.

Atiku left the customs a long time ago to pursue a political career; the same can be said for Tinubu, who left government in 2007 and has been working on his political career ever since.

Who in the PDP has had a greater impact on the system now than Atiku? The same is true for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the APC.

If the APC wants to get it right and fight hard, they have no choice except to hand over the presidential ticket to the Jagaban.

Let us cross our fingers and see how this game of thrones unfolds. The weekend is quickly approaching, and it will put an end to all the conjecture in the APC.

If Tinubu is denied this ticket due to a secret anointing deal, it will only need SOVEREIGN powers to topple the PDP.

Truth my people no dey break teeth, the APC must follow who know road oh if them wan get hope to defeat Atiku and the PDP.

My name is Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and na me b the Principal/ Chairman/ CEO of Bush Radio Academy.

Listen to a New Song By Lade – Adulthood Na Scam. Lade – Adulthood Na Scam MP3 Download Audio

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Listen to a New Song By Lade – Adulthood Na Scam.

Lade – Adulthood Na Scam MP3 Download Audio.

Talented Act and songwriter, Lade bounces back on the music scene With a Potential Hit single titled ”Adulthood Na Scam”.

The new single serves as a follow up to his previously heard Extended playlist titled, “Omolade (EP)”.

The song “Adulthood Na Scam” is a wonderful number which is a must for your playlist.


I don’t know if Zenab’ll say yes to me, says Kunle Adeyanju who rode motorcycle from London to Lagos

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Kunle Adeyanju, also known as ‘The Lion Heart’, travelled 41 days from London to Lagos on a motorcycle. He tells ADEBIMPE OLAJIGA about the journey

Kindly introduce yourself

My name is Adekunle Adeyanju. I am from Kwara State, Offa to be precise. My marital status is complicated. I have children but the other part is complicated.

Can you please summarise your trip? How was it?

It’s been a heck of a ride. It’s been loaded with experience and pain, lots of pain but also lots of beautiful moments. That’s what life is. It’s a combination of both. It’s been a wonderful experience

How long have you been in London and what’s the aim of your trip?

I am Nigerian-based but my family lives in London. We’ve been there for about thirty years. I shuttle between London and Lagos.

Can you name the countries you passed through?

So I started from London to France and to Spain, then I crossed into Morocco and visited  Casablanca. I also passed through Mauritania, St. Louis, Dakar, Mali, Bamako, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Accra, Lome, Benin before getting to Lagos

What’s the motivation behind this trip?

For me, it’s all about giving back. It’s all about using my skills and lifestyle to touch the lives of the underprivileged. I look at it that every one of us has been blessed. Some people may say theirs are not enough but we have all been blessed. So those things you’ve been given, how can you use them to touch the lives of other people?

On this polio project, what was the push?

For me, when I started, I said we were going to use it to support a noble cause. It’s a personal thing for me because I knew someone who had polio. As a boy, when I was growing up, we used to play football and swim. But a friend of mine couldn’t join us. Not because he didn’t want to but because he couldn’t do it as he was limited by the polio disease. I knew what he went through before he finally passed on. So, I promised myself that I must do everything possible to ensure that another person doesn’t go through what my friend went through.

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terra luna cryptocurrency - What is Terra Luna 2.0? and How Much Does It Cost? - Price of Terra Luna in Nigeria naira

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A new Terra coin, named Luna 2.0 or Terra 2.0, has been launched with 65.5 % of Terra’s community voting in favor of its release. Luna 2.0 is positioned as Terra Chain’s rebirth, which will shine once more after the crypto market collapse.

Let’s see the details of Terra Luna 2.0 and its airdrop release date!

terra luna cryptocurrency - What is Terra Luna 2.0? and How Much Does It Cost? - Price of Terra Luna in Nigeria naira 

What is Terra Luna 2.0?

Luna 2.0 or Terra 2.0 is a new coin from the Terra blockchain’s hardfork aimed at saving the Terra Luna ecosystem after the collapse of the UST stablecoin.

According to a proposal published by TerraForm Labs founder Do Kwon, the new chain and Luna 2.0 will replace the existing Terra network and the original LUNA by cutting ties with the stablecoin UST.

In addition, most of the dApps and Terra’s features will also migrate to the new chain in the next few days.


JUST IN: NECO extends 2022 registrations to June 20

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The National Examinations Council on Sunday announced that it has “extended the Registration period of the 2022 Senior School Certificate Examination for school-based candidates to midnight of Monday 20th June 2022”.

The examination agency made this known in a statement made available to The PUNCH in the early hours of Monday.

The PUNCH reports that the registration period was initially scheduled to close on Monday 30th May 2022.


FG Slams 23-Count Charge Against Osinachi’s Husband, Nwachukwu

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The Attorney-General of the Federation has filed 23-count charges against Peter Nwachukwu, the husband of late gospel artist, Osinachi, who died in April after she was allegedly assaulted by her spouse.

He was charged under sections 104 and 379 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015 and culpable homicide contrary to section 221 of the Penal Code which is punishable with death.

The case with charge number, CR/199/2022, was filed at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, on May 20, 2022, by the Head, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Department of Public Prosecutions of the Federation, Ministry of Justice, Mrs Yewande Gbola-Awopetun.

The prosecutor accused the defendant of forcefully ejecting the deceased from the family home, contrary to the VAP Act, adding that he also attempted culpable homicide by pushing Osinachi out of a moving vehicle.

The Federal Government further alleged that the defendant deprived the deceased of her personal liberty by restraining her movement and locking her up in the house.

Nwachukwu was equally accused of emotional, verbal and psychological abuse contrary to section 14(1) of the VAP Act, 2015.

The defendant was said to have denied Osinachi access to her money for medication and household necessities and forced her into begging and borrowing.

The charge further alleges that Osinachi’s husband forcefully isolated and separated her from her family by preventing the deceased’s mother and siblings from visiting her matrimonial home.

Nwachukwu was similarly accused of cruelly beating the children and recording their cry and playing it on his phone, noting that he threatened the children and prevented them from reporting the acts of domestic violence against their mother to his pastor, Dr Paul Enenche or any other person.

One of the count reads, “That you Peter Nwachukwu, 56, male, on the 8th of April, 2022 at Aco Estate, opposite police station, Lugbe, Abuja, FCT, within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, did commit an offence to with: culpable homicide punishable with death in that you caused the death of Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu by your various acts of violence and aggravated assault with the knowledge that her death would be the probable consequence of your acts.”

Another count reads, “Statement of offence: Emotional, verbal and psychological abuse contrary to section 14(1) of the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act, 2015 and punishable under the same section of the Act.

“Particular of offence: That you, Peter Nwachukwu, male, sometime between 14th November 2009 and April 2022 at Aco Estate, opposite police station, Lugbe, Abuja, FCT, within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, did commit an offence to wit: emotional, verbal and psychological abuse on Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu (deceased) by humiliating her and making utterances like ‘you are smelling,’ ‘you are mad,’ to her in the presence of her music crew members.”

Channels Television had earlier reported that the popular Nigerian gospel singer who came into the limelight with the hit, “Ekwueme”, which she sang alongside Prospa Ochimana, reportedly died on Friday, April 8 in an Abuja hospital.

It was not immediately clear what the cause of her death was, however, an autopsy was carried out by the FCT Police Command and the result was forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution for vetting and possible prosecution.

The police also did not give details of the autopsy, but there have been several allegations by family members of the deceased, including her children and other close associates, suggesting that the gospel singer had lived under the torture of her husband during their years of marriage.

This sparked public outcry and national discourse on gender violence, with the police arresting Peter Nwachukwu, the alleged wife beater, with deeper investigations being conducted.

During a meeting between the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Usman Allali Baba and the Minister of Women Affairs, Pauline Tallen as well as the family members of Osinachi, the police boss assured that the matter would be investigated thoroughly and prosecuted in accordance with the law.


Saturday 28 May 2022

VIDEO: SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 26 ) // SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 26 ) √

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Download Full movie: Selina Tested Episode 26

Selina Tested Episode 22 Download artwork
Download Selina Tested Episode 26 Download

Lightweight Entertainment are back again with the Episode 26 of the Trending Series Selina Tested Now Selina Tested Episode 26 out and available for Download.

The previous Episode 24 of the Series has no doubt put the fans of the series in much anticipation of the Selina Tested Episode 26

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SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 26 OTUAKA ) // SELINA TESTED 26 – official trailer ( EPISODE 26 OTUAKA ) √

SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 26  ) // SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 26  ) √

SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 25  ) // SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 25  ) √

SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 25  ) // SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 25  ) √

SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 23 OTUAKA )

SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 25 )

SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 25 )

SELINA TESTED – official trailer ( EPISODE 25 )


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